Social Skills & Sensory Motor Groups

Sensory Motor & Social Skills Group

Our Sensory Motor and Social Skills groups provide children ages 4-9 with a wonderful opportunity to experience play and social engagement in our sensory gym. Lauren Fromberg, a Special Educator with New York Therapy, runs the program utilizing a combination of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) visual strategies, social stories and natural instruction when applicable. She has an instinctive way of finding the key to opening a child's eyes to learning, communicating and engaging socially with their peers.
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Social, Sensory & Self-Management Group
...where friendship, fun and creativity come hand-in-hand

This group experience is geared toward the 6-12 year old child with Asperger's, or the highly-functioning child with Autism. Our staff understands that these children are gifted in many ways, though they may need to develop appropriate social and pragmatic communication skills. We want your child to experience general self-management skills that can be applied to their daily lives.

A typical one-hour group session includes:
• Group Social-Game or Activity promoting teamwork, problems--solving and friendship building
• Free Play Promoting Social Interaction
• Relaxation

Any questions or to enroll your child please contact our Parent/Community Liasion, Monica Nichols.

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