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Upcoming Workshops:

Enhancing Sensory-Motor Play in 0-5:
Improving Self-Regulation, Social Skills, Motor Development and Kindergarten Readiness.

Course Description:
Learn cutting edge, brain-based information and techniques for kids who exhibit the following behaviors:
  • Excessive temper tantrums and difficulty with transitions
  • Unable to stay focused on people and activities
  • Limited gross and fine motor skills
  • Over aggressive during play, limited sharing and turn taking
  • Distracted by background noises
  • Anxious in crowds and large groups
  • Overly fearful of swings and playground equipment
  • Constant need to touch people and textures
  • Doesn’t understand personal space
Through lecture, experiential activities, group and individual case studies, video and picture demonstrations, you will come away with a “tool-box” full of activities and resources. Come and learn how to get your kids on a more powerful path to self-regulation and typical social and motor development.
Monday October 8, 2018
Hilton Long Island/Huntington
598 Broadhollow Rd.
Melville, NY 11747
9:00 am- 4:00 pm


Disclosure Information:
Financial: The speaker for this event receives a speaker fee for this engagement.
Non-Financial: There are no non-financial disclosures.
Special Accommodations/Accessibility:
Refund/Cancellation Policy:
Tuition will be refunded less a $5.00 processing fee, if written notification is received by New York Therapy Placement Services up to two weeks prior to the workshop. Two weeks to 48 hours prior to the workshop date 50%; 48 hours prior to workshop, no refund would be available. 
Complaint Policy:
or call the office at 718-264-1640.