What Sets Us Apart

New York Therapy is built on honesty, integrity, professionalism and passion. Our team sets us apart:

Our skilled recruiters and placement specialists offer a personal approach to recruitment for our clients and family's needs. 

Our providers undergo a comprehensive screening process, annual credentialing verification and participate in professional development trainings throughout the year.  We only partner with the most skilled, experienced, and dependable providers.

Our Clinical Coordinators in each discipline are available for consultations and clinical support and provide clinical quality assurance.

Our support staff is comprised of diverse groups of professionals who have worked for years, even decades, to make a difference in the lives of the people that we serve. Many of our staff members are personally impacted by the specialized services world as parents or relatives of extra needs children/adults.  They understand the importance of compassion and time sensitivity.

Our executive leaders are open to new ideas, people and opportunities. They empower the entire team to promote creativity and constantly strive for excellence.

We are proud to serve our community as leaders in the health care service field.